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Making Intricately Detailed Watercolor Paintings

At Custom ARt Design LLC. Champaign, Il, We accept Commission work for WaterColor Paintings, or you can choose from selections listed within our On Line Store Location. 

We at Custom ARt Designs LLC, also have a full line of Note, Greeting, and Holiday  Cards  that you can mix and match.

  The Greeting Card are also available with Pre-Printed verse (Card Verses Tab) that you can choose from for all occasions. 

All WaterColor work is available from a Single Card to Full Size Gec'leee and is custom sizes to meet you needs.


Painting with Watercolor

A few years ago, I decided to play around to see which type of paint fits my style best. This is when watercolor became my preferred medium. There are effects with watercolor that you cannot capture with oil. Although I still use oil paint in some of my artwork, I love that watercolor produces a softer effect that I cannot get from oil and acrylic.

Refreshing Watercolor Artwork

I can proudly say my watercolor paintings aren't washed out, and that they feature vivid colors and fine details. Since the day I first picked up a brush, I've been honing and enhancing my technique, enabling me to create beautiful and refreshing pieces of art.

Request a Draft

Before starting a Commissioned Painting, I will create a draft using crayons. Once you approve the design, I can start with the project. I'll give you updates from start to finish, and you're open to make any changes as I make progress. You may also ask me to paint on porcelain. Trust me to be very responsive to all your needs.

Note Cards

When I have my Note Cards created,  I very carefully check and recheck for perfect color match to the original Painting.  I  have all of my Cards reproduced on the 140# paper that the original painting is painted on.  I require Proofs on all prints and I personally proof and color scope all prints for color match.  

Giclee ( Jee-clay)

Giclee prints are available in different sizes, this printing is become the standard for fine art reproduction.  All my painting are digitally captured and reproduced on the same paper that the original is painted on.  I personally proof and scope all prints for color match.  The print must pass my personal approval prior to being shipped.