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Beautiful Glass Engraving in Champaign, IL

At Custom Art Design LLC, I provide services for glass engraving in Champaign, IL, to enhance the beauty of your glass objects. Whether I am creating a unique vase for your floral arrangements, a custom bevel for the center of a stained glass window, or beautiful EMU egg designs, I will work diligently to deliver my artistic vision. I can also customize your other personal items, such as engraved wedding glasses and special event invitations. Additionally, I can co-ordinate my engraving to match a watercolor or oil painting. Contact my studio to learn more about my engraving services or to discuss your design ideas with me today..

Limitless Design Potential

When crafting your custom glass pieces or performing mirror etching, I will work closely with you to ensure that the final product meets or exceeds your design expectations. Additionally, I offer a large variety of glass colors to choose from when crafting your artwork, and I will try to match the colors of the glass I am using to your other custom pieces. With all of my custom work, I will always send you photos of the glass selection to ensure you are happy with the colors that you choose.

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Beauty of Hand Engraving and Eggs