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Custom Oil Painting in Champaign, IL

Custom Oil Painting in Champaign, IL

Custom Oil Painting

16" x 24" Canvas

Oil Paintings


My oil paintings come from images that I have in my mind, places that I have been. I paint from a photo that someone wants to have made into custom oil painting in Champaign, IL. I also paint from photographs that I have taken. In some cases, I may take bits and pieces from different photos that I have, and I combine them into one painting.

Portraits are one kind of painting I customize, and I typically work from a photo. I usually take my own stills of the person. I always like to meet with the person and talk to them. I want to find that one special thing about their personality, the look in their eyes, their expressions, and work with that to create a custom oil painting. I take a lot of notes, and sometimes I will snap a photo of the person during the interview process. Then, when I start my painting, I try to pull all I have learned about the person into the portrait. This is how I can capture their unique personality. I feel that this is what makes the portrait of the person and makes the painting come alive to represent the person that I am painting.

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