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All Stained Glass Work is Custom
Pricing will be based off of the window or project

Process for Custom Stained Glass

I will measure the space were the window will be placed. If I do not do the measure I will not guarantee the window will fit the space.

1. Draw the design $100.00
Drawing will not be to size this is a general idea with color, Client at this point can make changes up to 3 Changes
Client must sign off on this step
Price will be determined at this point
A $25 fee is charged per change after the 3 free changes are made 

2. Final Pattern is completed
Client must sign off on the Final Pattern 50% Down Payment is required at this time.

3. Construction of the window is started, I provide photos of the progress your window
Client can view this window at anytime

4. Window is completed
Client is notified of the completion of Window or Project and Schedule Pick up of the piece
Final Payment is due on Completion
Balance due is Final Price - 50% down payment - $100 Drawing Fee

Stained Glass Process & Examples of Custom Windows

Stained Glass Process


Examples of Custom Windows


Examples of Completed Projects